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Plan for get married in your 20s

People are doing everything later in life: buying their first homes, having children, and getting married. But there are still couples out there who have been blessed to meet the love of their lives at a young age and are getting married in their early 20s or even younger.

Your partner may be your high school sweetheart, or someone you’ve had an instant connection with. Emotional maturity has nothing to do with your physical age, and if you are considering getting married young, there are some simple things you can identify in yourself to see if you’re ready to make the lifetime commitment.


You are ready to farewell single life

If the thrill of the chase, meeting new people and getting to know them in a romantic sense no longer appeals to you, and you are ready to say goodbye to all of this, then you are in the right frame of mind to commit to marriage. Similarly, be sure you’re not hung up on any exes and there aren’t any ‘what if’ scenarios playing out in your mind. If you have any niggling doubts, perhaps it’s best to wait as marriage is a major step and should be taken seriously.


You know who you are

There are some people who reach their 50s who still cannot define who they are, but it is important to reflect on what makes you who you are. If the answer is the person you are going to marry – you will need more time. It is not your partner’s role to complete you or become the source of your spirit. You need to be your own person who can survive on their own and have the capacity to give and receive love. When you and your partner are in this position, you will have a strong foundation on which to grow together.


You have conflict management skills

Marriage is a wonderful thing, but it’s not always smooth sailing. Before you enter into this next phase of your relationship, think about whether you can openly communicate with your partner. Can you also compromise on an even playing field so that one party is not the one coming out on top each time?


The easy way for wedding extra special

Your social calendar is full of friends’ weddings, but how do you set yours apart from the rest? Here’s six specialty services additions to make your wedding extra special.

Add a little spark to your wedding with spectacular fireworks from Airwize Pyrotechnic Displays. Completely customisable to suit your wedding, Airwize will tailor to whatever budget you have in mind. Imagine cutting your cake with a fountain of pyrotechnic fireworks as your backdrop — your guests and your photographer will love it!

Get theatrical and mark your special day with a dove release. Releasing doves marks new beginnings, fidelity, prosperity, and good luck. The white dove chooses its mate for life, and symbolises true love, therefore proving a perfect addition to your wedding day.

Wish real life was a musical? Ever fantasised of bursting into song during pivotal moments in your life? Get your guests singing with Undercover Entertainers. These hand-picked singing waiters add spontaneity and fun to your wedding and are sure to get everyone smiling.

Personalise your special day with a Snapchat filter custom made just for you and your guests! This is a fun way to get guests using the filter to broadcast your wedding to their peers, and to get them taking extra photos that you can view later.

Gone are the days when brides limited their nail colours to match their wedding dress. Now, with Jamberry Nail wraps, you can customise, mix and match, and layer to create your own gorgeous nail art. And, with the option of ‘Girls Night In’ home visits, Jamberry Nails could also be a fun way to get your bridesmaids excited for the big day!

Tricks for a middle aged wedding

Are young love-birds in their 20s and 30s the first thing you think of when someone utters the words ‘wedding‘, ‘bride’, or ‘groom’? What about the middle aged couples who get hitched? Are the rules any different if you’re a little older by the time you get married?

The short answer is no. Even if this is your second or third wedding, or you have just taken your time to find the love of your life, your age really is just a number at the end of the day and shouldn’t have any bearing over what your wedding day should look like.

If you love large gatherings that are truly opulent and OTT, or if intimacy and elopement are more your thing, don’t feel like your wedding has to be any different simply because of your age.

“Love is beautiful at every age.”

Real Bride Karen Fernance met her beau Allen Jenkins later in life. But her quote above proves you are never too old to get married. The pair, aged 50 and 57 respectively, met at the gym where Karen was working  – and Allen was working out. “Allen was a widower with no children, and I was a divorcee with four,” explains the bride. “We always said we both had baggage, just different suitcases.”

Styling experts worldwide unanimously agree that a mature bride can look age-appropriate without having to sacrifice her sense of style. If you love mermaid-style gowns or prefer a more demure high-neck or sleeved dress, you can rock any look you choose.

If you fall in love with a strapless gown, but prefer a little more coverage, you can engage the services of a seamstress who can create a gorgeous bolero or long-sleeved jacket that will complement and even enhance your dress. You can definitely opt for white or ivory if you like, as the rules for who can and cannot wear white were ditched long ago.

However, at the end of the day, it’s all about being comfortable and feeling beautiful in your own skin.

With more years behind you and potentially a lot more genuine friendships than a 20-something might have, it may be harder to choose your bridal party (if you decide to have one).

Traditionally, the bridal party is made up of friends or siblings, but you might also like to include you or your partner’s children to make it more of a family affair.

On the other hand, you could choose not to have one at all, and instead place the focus firmly on you and your partner.

Wedding vendors ideas

The extensive Easy Weddings supplier directory can help you get started by finding vendors in the area where you want to tie the knot. Here, we wanted to share some of the most amazing wedding vendors across a range of specialties that you won’t want to miss out on for your wedding.

Thinking of a wedding in the glorious Whitsundays? You can’t go past Villa Botanica for the ideal destination wedding venue.

The five acre estate in Airlie Beach is perched on the edge of the Coral Sea and boasts breathtaking views and landscaped tropical gardens.

Couples can be married in the hand-carved timber wedding pavilion at the end of a palm-lined mosaic walkway — great for a grand entrance.

The reception can be held on an expansive 30 metre-long veranda with ocean views under twinkling fairy lights and intricate wall carvings — antiquity and stylish extravagance creating a setting that could be anywhere in the world.

Then you can move on to the marble ballroom to dance the night away. A truly magical wedding awaits if you secure this exclusive venue.

A love of weddings drew Anthony Cribbes into the world of celebrants, and he is on a mission to liven up the industry by ensuring each couple has a truly personalised ceremony.

“I can promise you wholeheartedly that no two ceremonies I do are the same…but this is not just the words we use, it’s the entire thing: the tone, the delivery style, and the atmosphere we create,” he says.

The Sydney-based celebrant believes weddings can be a lot of fun, while still respecting the commitment and love for couples.

Nature and effortless beauty on your wedding

Achieve the theatrics your wedding day deserves with the perfect bohemian dress. The beautiful long lace train of this dress makes an exquisite statement any bohemian bride would be proud to walk down the aisle in.

This long sleeved lace kimono style dress is the perfect alternative to a traditional wedding dress. A dress like this begs for the background of a sun setting over the sea. A classic amongst bohemian lace wedding dresses!

Equal parts traditional and bohemian, a dress like this will speak to both the free spirit and the regal princess in you. A traditional lace pattern but in a simple dress design is the love child of these two styles.

Grace Loves Lace is the queen of bohemian-inspired dresses and this GLL dress is no exception. The beautiful lace cape that falls elegantly over this dress oozes luxury in a beautiful yet understated way. Any bohemian bride would look just the part in this dress.

This perfect pairing of lace and tulle this dress would be the perfect centerpiece at any bohemian themed wedding. Gorgeous teamed with a loose mermaid braid and a bejewelled hairpiece.

If you’re a free-spirited flower child at heart but contemporary fashion calls your name then this is the dress for you. The naked lace gives a sultry flash of skin whilst the beautiful bell sleeves scream bohemian royalty.

This real life bride donned a beautiful bohemian style dress at her rustic seaside wedding. Although you will find most bohemian styled dresses have sleeves, this bride dared to be different by baring her arms in this gorgeous sleeveless lace number.

Do you plan wedding at Disneyland Paris

If watching the various Disney princesses marry their true loves in royal style has made you swoon for years, you now have the chance to create your very own fairy tale wedding at Disneyland in Paris.

The city of love, Sleeping Beauty’s castle, and the love of your life – what more could you need to start your happily ever after?

Maybe a horse-drawn Cinderella-style carriage!

And now, this is all possible for couples seeking a destination wedding with a sprinkling of magic.

Disneyland Paris boasts a wedding planner to coordinate everything from the theme to the location within the grounds and any extras you wish to have for your big day. The idea is, that you just show up and enjoy the day.

Couples have the choice of designing a bespoke ceremony and reception, or there are a range of Romantic Wedding Collections packages available. For 32 000€ (almost $44,000), couples can have a 1920’s-inspired Newport Bay Club celebration with “beautiful nautical settings”.

Or for 44 000€ (just over $60,000), there is the option of a Disneyland Hotel wedding package features Disney-themed tables and a Victorian-inspired backdrop.

But for the ultimate Disney fan or those who have dreamed about a royal wedding, the ultimate happily-ever-after package allows you to be married right next to the Sleeping Beauty Castle for 55 000€ (around $75,500).

If the setting is not enough of a wow factor for couples, they can also add customised decorations, appearances by their favourite Disney characters and private performances by the renowned Disney entertainers.

The company that wrote the book on romanticism are also promoting their seven themed resorts as the ideal honeymoon destination as they are within close proximity to Disneyland and allow newlyweds to experience the best of French dining and shopping.

So, if your dream wedding is to transform into a princess for a day, with your own castle to boot, better start saving!

A groomsman that plans the bucks night

Stripper? How about a magician instead! If you think the female anatomy is bedazzling, just wait til you see this card trick Faux-Houdini can perform. He’s impressive AND male. Did I mention women aren’t allowed at this bucks night? He can make an ‘adult toy’ disappear twice as quick as a stripper — he just throws it in the trash where it belongs. Ta-da!

Booze cruise? I recommend a peaceful gondola ride down the river. This is a perfect time for your fiance and his boys to reflect on the value of mateship, and bring the group closer together. No alcohol allowed as this is a safety hazard. And, with impaired judgment, how will they be able to paddle the boat? Don’t drink and drown, folks.

BBQ ribs and steak? No way. If there’s one thing I know, it’s that men love to mill about, eating cheese and assorted meat platters, and gossip about other people. Plus, BBQ sauce will stain your fiance’s crisp white shirt. Gross.

Drinking games? I have a game for you. It’s called: Talk extensively about what you love about me (the bride). The rules are: sit in a circle and take turns telling the groom why he’s lucky to have me (in this case, you) as his wife-to-be.

After the immense excitement of the magician, it’s about time they all head to bed. This party ends at 10pm, boys. You’ll arrive, lights will come on, and everyone will be instructed to leave. What did they think this was — a slumber party? They’ll thank you later when they wake up fresh as a daisy.

Find the Amazing bridal party ideas

The bride no longer has to pick girlfriends and the groom, his best male buddies. Couples are simply choosing their bridal party based on their relationship with them rather than their sex. At this gorgeous real wedding, Shannan and Matt both included the opposite gender in their bridal parties.

Couples are thinking beyond their closest friends or siblings to include in the bridal party. If grandma has never been a bridesmaid and she is close to the couple, she can score herself a place in the bridal party as a bridesmaid or flower girl! Likewise, if grandpa has been instrumental in the couple’s lives, he could also be standing with the other bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Mismatched outfits have been around for some time now, but this year things are getting even more personalised. Bridesmaids and groomsmen are often gaining full control of their outfit, being able to choose everything from the colour to the style and in the case of dresses, length. The result is a wonderful mish-mash that allows each individual’s personality to shine through.

For the ladies, dresses are quickly being replaced with skirt and top ensembles. Bridesmaids are even bearing a little more flesh with high-waisted skirts being matched with shorter crop tops to give a fresh and modern look.

For the guys, clashing patterns are becoming all the rage. No longer does the patterned tie or bow tie require a blank canvas in the form of a white or solid-coloured shirt. Now, look of pattern chaos is in demand.

Having a baby after marriage

Congratulations! You and your partner are becoming parents and you have never been so ecstatic. But no matter how long you have been together, your relationship will never be on a more intense ride than the roller coaster of parenthood. Read on to see how a baby changes your marriage.


You can practically prepare for it as much as you like, read the books, study the techniques, or sign up for classes, but until you never know how you will both go until you are already strapped in and the ride has started!

There is absolutely no way that introducing a little human into your lives is not going to have an impact on the relationship with your spouse – it completely changes the dynamics of your family.

But this can be both amazing and challenging. Here are some ways a baby can change your marriage and some solutions to work through this adjustment together.

As newlyweds, your worlds revolved around each other. But once a baby arrives, they are the new center of gravity that you and your spouse revolve around.

Although newborns live a simple life at first, requiring food, plenty of sleep and regular nappy changes, their 24/7 reliance on you does demand undivided attention and can impact on the time you give to your partner.

Try to make some time to have a decent conversation with your partner each day, even if it is only for a few minutes. That time of undivided attention will show your spouse that you still acknowledge them and aren’t caught up in a permanent baby bubble.

You have never been as tired as you are when you are caring for a newborn. Nor will you be as tired ever again. A baby changes your marriage in many ways, but this one makes everything else harder to cope with. Be sure to look after yourself and your partner!

Constant night feedings, catnaps, crazed hormones and being on alert around the clock will mean that you may not be thinking straight.

In these circumstances, it is common to have a short fuse and to snap at your spouse over the smallest things.

You may even find something they have always done, and you thought to be quirky, now completely intolerable, and annoying beyond comprehension.

You will both need to cut each other some slack because chances are your partner is also sleep deprived and rattled by dealing with this change in your lives. So, make a conscious decision to let some things slide and give each other a bit more room for error.

Wedding traditions that you like

When it comes to wedding planning for same-sex couples, the vast majority of wedding traditions simply don’t fit with their celebration of love and lifelong commitment. So, what more can you do than to throw tradition away and start creating your own?

While this can be a daunting concept at first, countless couples have gone on to create beautiful and powerful ceremonies that borrow from the conventions they would like to include while doing away with the parts that go against the grain for their personalities and beliefs.

The result? Unique weddings that are setting trends for others to follow. Here are some of the same-sex wedding trends that we love.


Farewell gender roles

Why exclude other sexes from your bridal party in order to follow tradition?

Many same-sex couples doing away with traditional gender roles and creating bridal parties made up of the people who love and support them, regardless of their gender!

While some brides and grooms choose to stick to tradition by both donning white, or going for the black and white combo, others are seeking a more personalised approach by wearing complimenting colours. We love the two brides above choice of wearing opposite colours in gorgeous, chic silhouettes.

Also, in some cases, dresses and suits are also being ignored in favour of feminine suits, paired kilts, rompers, and mismatched separates in all sorts of beautiful colour combinations.

Aussie same-sex couples often decide together to get hitched or enjoy a much more understated proposal, as our same-sex attracted couples are unfortunately still forced to marry overseas due to the outdated laws. Fingers crossed that this changes soon!